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Al-Salhia real estate company seals 70 million dinars deal for Anwar Al-Sabah Towers

Al-Salhia Real Estate Company has successfully concluded a major real estate transaction over the past two days. The company acquired the renowned “Anwar Al-Sabah” towers, situated on Fahd Al-Salem Street in the heart of Kuwait’s capital, for a substantial sum of 70 million dinars, reported Al-Qabas Daily.

Informed sources familiar with the matter revealed that Al-Salhia Real Estate Company’s strategy for the Anwar Al-Sabah Towers involves a comprehensive development plan. This includes dividing and categorizing the towers into multiple plots, with some earmarked for integration into the Salhiya Complex for expansion purposes. Another portion is slated for sale as commercial land to external parties, with ongoing negotiations to finalize the sale agreements to their advantage.

Notably, Anwar Al Sabah Towers stand as one of the oldest and most expansive commercial plots in Kuwait, positioned strategically along Fahd Al-Salem Street. The acquisition by Al-Salhia Real Estate Company marks a significant step in the company’s growth and development plans within the real estate sector.

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