Active trading supports KSE with 386 million dinars in gains

The liquidity of the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange jumped by 27% yesterday, with a total of 74 million dinars, up from 53.9 million dinars in last Thursday’s session. It was noteworthy that 10 stocks, including 5 banking stocks, acquired 65% of the total liquidity, at 48 million dinars.

The stock market achieved gains in yesterday’s session in terms of market value by adding 386 million dinars to its value, an increase of 0.9%, bringing the total value to 41.52 billion dinars, an increase from 41.13 billion dinars at the end of last week, so that the stock exchange continues to achieve gains for the fourth session in a row.

IFA stock came at the top of the list of the 10 most widely held stocks with 10.8 billion dinars, followed by KFH stock with 9.6 million dinars, Kuwait Real Estate stock with 8.1 million dinars, then Arzan stock with 7.7 million dinars, followed by Agility stock with 2.8 million dinars, then Boubyan shares were worth 2.3 million dinars, followed by Al-Khaleej shares with 2.1 million dinars, Warba shares with 1.6 million dinars, and Zain shares with 1.5 million dinars, which is the same value as the NBK share.

The concentration of liquidity shows that a large segment of dealers are targeting banking and leading stocks in other sectors in light of the completion of the construction of investment centers in preparation for the stage of revealing the final results and the season of cash distributions, amid positive expectations that the past year’s distributions will be satisfactory to shareholders, in light of the results that were revealed. For the period of the first 9 months of 2023.

The opening session of the week yesterday was positive at the level of indicators and variables, as the indicators collectively rose by 1.05% for the First Market Index, adding 80.3 points to the previous gains, reaching 7729 points.

The main index also rose by 0.5%, adding 29.2 points to reach 5,692 points, and the general index rose by 0.94%, with a gain of 65.4 points, to reach 7,030 points. Trading volumes also increased by 31%, with 310 million shares traded, up from 237 million shares at the closing session of last week. .

The market’s gains were led by 7 sectors whose weighted indices achieved varying gains and closed in green, led by the basic materials sector by 2.3%, followed by the financial services sector by 1.9%, then the banking sector by 1.03%. At the end of yesterday’s session, the shares of 77 companies recorded gains, compared to a decline in the shares of 34 companies. The share prices of 11 companies stabilized, and the shares of 27 companies were not traded.

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