2023 was best for cryptocurrencies

The current year was one of the best performing years for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, after more than $530 billion was added to the market value. Bitcoin has continued to rise, exceeding 160% since the beginning of this year.

The expected deadline for approving the listing of the first trading funds tracking the Bitcoin currency is approaching, which ends on January 10, 2024, which has supported the currency’s rise over the past weeks. There are positive expectations for the year 2024 in the cryptocurrency market, as confidence makes its way in a system suffering from atrophy after 18 months of tragedies and failures, both personal and institutional.

For his part, the chief developer at RA Squared, Ali Askar , said that the year 2023 was very special for Bitcoin traders with the decrease in media pressure on cryptocurrencies.

Askar added, in an interview with Al Arabiya Business, that the quantity and volume of trading was large, especially with the approaching listing of the first trading funds tracking the Bitcoin currency.

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