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‘Your Fear Is Their Joy 2’ campaign wraps up, raises 11 million dinars

This week, the campaign committee will meet to set repayment guidelines and financial caps for settlements.

A private source within the Ministry of Affairs has disclosed that the ‘Your Fear Is Their Joy 2’ campaign, aimed at settling debts for debtors, has successfully concluded with approximately 11 million dinars raised.

The source informed Al-Anbaa newspaper that this week, the campaign committee—comprising representatives from the Ministry of Affairs, Ministries of Justice and Endowments, along with delegates from the Union of Cooperative Societies and the Union of Charitable Societies and Foundations—will convene. Their agenda includes establishing the requirements and guidelines for debt repayment and determining the financial caps for settlements.

He elaborated that a debtor, in this context, refers to any Kuwaiti citizen, regardless of gender, who has accrued debt and faced legal action resulting in wage garnishments, vehicle seizures, or travel bans due to nonpayment.

The source confirmed that the debtors’ files are prepared and available in the Judgments Implementation Department. There is no requirement for debtors to approach any party for review; payment will be automatically processed for all who meet the criteria.

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