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Young diplomats reflect Kuwait’s longstanding activism at world forums

Kuwait’s permanent delegation to the United Nations is known for its proactive diplomatic engagement, with each member assuming responsibility for various diplomatic and political tasks across the organization’s committees and councils.

Young Kuwaiti diplomats stationed at the delegation’s headquarters collaborate on numerous global issues spanning political, economic, social, humanitarian, and environmental domains, reflecting Kuwait’s longstanding activism within international forums, notably the United Nations.

Led by Ambassador Tariq Al-Bannai, the delegation comprises five diplomats who collectively shape Kuwait’s diplomatic stance, grounded in humanitarian, economic, social, legal, cultural, health, and mediation principles.

During a visit by Al-Qabas to the delegation’s New York City headquarters, the diplomats elucidated their collaborative working approach, which enhances their effectiveness in representing Kuwait’s interests. Badr Al-Daihani, responsible for the Second Committee focusing on economic and climate affairs, highlights Kuwait’s emphasis on showcasing its contributions to global challenges such as poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development.

He underscores Kuwait’s leadership in economic matters, notably through its sovereign wealth fund established in 1953, and the Kuwait Fund for Development’s significant role in financing international development projects.

Addressing the Palestinian issue, Al-Daihani underscores Kuwait’s steadfast commitment to upholding international law and advocating for Palestinian rights across various UN committees and the Security Council.

Wafiqa Al-Mulla emphasizes Kuwait’s prioritization of women’s empowerment, noting the positive impact of female representation within diplomatic missions. She highlights Kuwait’s active engagement in the Third Committee, focusing on cultural and humanitarian issues, including human rights advocacy and support for vulnerable populations worldwide.

Jassem Al-Amiri, specializing in the Sixth Committee’s legal affairs, elucidates Kuwait’s role in consensus-building and drafting international agreements critical to multilateral relations. He highlights Kuwait’s contributions to cybersecurity agreements and efforts to establish diplomatic relations with other nations.

The delegation’s efforts extend beyond diplomatic representation, as evidenced by their initiatives to train young Kuwaiti students in international diplomacy, fostering a new generation of diplomats equipped with the skills necessary to advance Kuwait’s interests on the global stage.

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