Value of securities, coins at end of 2023 worth two billion dinars

In December, the aggregate value of securities and coins totaled approximately 2.002 billion dinars, marking an increase of 16 million dinars, or 0.8%, in comparison to November’s figure of 1.98 billion dinars.

Of this total, 1.97 billion dinars constituted the cumulative value of securities, representing the majority, while coins contributed 31.496 million dinars.

The value of 20-dinar notes experienced a decline in December, reaching 1.121 billion dinars, down from the November figure of 1.126 billion dinars. Conversely, the value of 10-dinar notes increased, reaching 660.96 million dinars at the end of December, compared to 642.71 million dinars at the close of November.

The 5-dinar denomination witnessed growth, reaching 113.18 million dinars by the end of December, compared to 111.74 million dinars in November. The dinar denomination also rose to 48.38 million dinars, up from 47.83 million dinars in November.

Additionally, the half-dinar denomination advanced to 14.49 million dinars at the end of December, compared to 14.12 million dinars in November.

Concerning coins, all denominations maintained their November levels at 31.49 million dinars in December. The 100 fils denomination stood at 14.21 million dinars, mirroring the November figure. The 50 fils denomination recorded levels of 9.98 million dinars, and the 20 fils denomination reached 9.98 million dinars.

The 10-fils denomination was at the level of 1.93 million dinars at the close of December, while the 5-fils denomination reached 1.1 million dinars. Finally, the 1-fils denomination recorded a level of 12.76 thousand dinars at the end of December, consistent with the previous November level.

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