UN commends Kuwait’s environmental sustainability efforts

UN Secretary-General’s Representative in Kuwait Ghada Al-Taher commended Wednesday the State of Kuwait’s role in environmental sustainability as well as contributions to many regional initiatives against desertification, water scarcity and lack of biodiversity.

The New Kuwait Vision 2035 “is a testimony of our future approach,” because it aims at transforming the Gulf nation into a financial and commercial hub while equally prioritize environmental sustainability through which the Vision would diversify the economy, lessen dependence on oil and explore renewable energy, AlTaher, UN Resident Coordinator in Kuwait, said.

She was speaking to KUNA on occasion of the World Environment Day with a theme “Our Land, Our Future, We are Generation Restoration.” The State of Kuwait, said Al-Taher, ratified international environmental agreements like the Paris treaty which reflected its commitment to addressing climate change at global level.

Kuwait’s national policies, she added, were not only economically flexible but would “promote more green and sustainable future for all.” Kuwait’s Environment Public Authority (EPA), the national environment strategy and the application of an environment law are testament of Kuwait’s environmental approach, she said.

The UN, noted Al-Taher, supported Kuwait young ambassadors’ initiative. “We have finished two patches and are getting ready for the third,” she said of the initiative which would enable the young ambassadors to becoming supporters of sustainable development and environment.

Al-Taher said celebrating the World Environment Day “is only the beginning of a collective journey towards a sustainable future. This occasion does not only remind us of the pressing environmental challenges we are facing but the accomplishments and commitment that formed our path.”

The UN Conference on Human Environment that was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1972 contributed to the establishment of the UN Environment Program (UNEP), she said. The Brundtland Report of 1987 introduced the sustainable development idea which then become a principle for international policies and practices, she said.

The 1992 earth summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, promoted this principle, said Al-Taher. However, she said, “We should recognize horrific environmental challenges facing millions in Gaza Strip, Sudan and Yemen where continuous conflicts further exacerbate the deterioration of environment, which contributed to severe water scarcity and pollution and lack of infrastructure.

“The World should continue to support Gaza and all countries facing humanitarian catastrophes to make sure that environmental perseverance is foundation for peace and recovery efforts,” she said.

Source: KUNA

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