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Two men arrested in connection with setting fire and destroying Counselor’s car

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department, Capital Governorate, and the Anti-Financial Crimes Department, have arrested two men, believed to be bedoun, in connection with those involved in setting fire and destroying the car of Counselor Sultan Bursali.

The Al-Rai daily said, the suspects are believed to bedoun and they were seized from one of the farmhouses in Kabad. They were accused of intentionally setting fire to a vehicle belonging to Counselor Sultan Bursali. The arrested individuals, whose nationality remains undisclosed, have a documented history of drug abuse.

According to a reliable security source, one of the suspects has a known record of robbing money transport vehicles and had previously committed a similar offense in 2004. Having been released from prison two years ago, the source revealed that in their recent operation, the suspects used a motorcycle, which they cleverly repainted from red to black, to conceal their identities.

The operation involved meticulous tracking and investigation efforts, with close oversight by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. Special Forces played a crucial role in gathering evidence and monitoring the suspects’ movements.

During the arrest, a substantial quantity of narcotics, firearms, and cash were found on the person of the two men. The ongoing investigations are set to conclude, and both the suspects and the seized items will be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

The Ministry of Interior emphasized the operation was conducted discreetly to safeguard the integrity of the investigation process and avoid any compromise. It stressed the continuous vigilance of security personnel, underscoring their commitment to preventing any threats to the country’s security and protecting the rights of its citizens.

A security source said the team involved in arresting the accused will be honored by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid, in appreciation of their efforts.

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