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Tripartite committee keeps tap on domestic workers recruitment offices

The tripartite committee, comprising members from Ministry of Interior, the Public Authority for Manpower, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, announced that, on the inaugural day of implementing the ministerial decision regarding recruitment fees for domestic workers and the joint statement emphasizing the use of K-Net devices in fee collection operations, inspection tours were conducted at domestic worker recruitment offices across various governorates.

These inspections led to the identification of 6 violations related to the re-employment of recalled workers, invoking Article 24 of Law 68 of 2015, resulting in a 6-month suspension for the respective office, reports Al-Anba daily.

The inspection also uncovered 35 offices recruiting domestic workers lacking K-Net devices, contrary to the Ministry of Commerce circulars. Legal measures, including suspension and referral to the investigation body, in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 99 of 2022 issued by the Minister of Commerce on August 7, 2022, will be taken against these offices.

The committee urges owners of labor recruitment offices to adhere strictly to the law, ministerial decisions, and relevant circulars to avoid legal consequences. Inspection tours are ongoing daily to identify and address any violations.

In line with the public interest and labor concerns, and as part of launching the smart identity service for workers in labor offices and companies through the “My ID” application, the Public Authority for Manpower has mandated that offices and companies recruiting domestic workers commit to issuing the worker’s smart ID via the “My ID” application for registered workers.

Copies of these IDs must be submitted to the Licensing Department of the Department for Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers. Workers should be informed to present their identification upon request.

The authority encourages citizens visiting recruitment offices to verify the smart ID of domestic workers, match contracts and receipts, and ensure their affiliation with the respective domestic labor office and company they are dealing with.

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