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Extending mid-year holiday will harm students

Several educators have emphasized that extending the mid-year holiday excessively has detrimental effects on students and is considered a disservice to them, especially when educational losses are still a prevalent issue.

The extended holiday negatively impacts students’ mentalities, hindering their learning and thinking skills. Some educators have suggested that the academic calendar needs reconsideration, advocating for amendments to curricula to align with the academic period’s duration.

Abdullah Al-Anazi, Assistant Director at Ahmed Al-Adwani Secondary School, highlighted the negative impact on students’ mentalities due to the extended holiday, emphasizing the need for a shorter break to avoid disruptions and ensure a smooth transition into the second semester, reports Al-Anba daily.

Nayef Ali Al-Faras, Director of Abu Tammam Middle School for Boys, attributed the extended vacation to the linkage of twelfth-grade exams with other classes, leading to reduced study hours and academic achievement during the first semester. He proposed solutions such as utilizing only secondary school staff for twelfth-grade exam committees and involving other resources for administrative tasks.

Samar Al-Omani, former supervisor of kindergartens in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Educational Zone, criticized the extended holiday, referring to it as a time-wasting break with no academic foundation. She called for a reconsideration of the academic calendar and raised concerns about students losing academic and cognitive skills due to the interruption of formal education.

Ayed Al-Subaie, Assistant Director of Al-Sabahiya Secondary School for Boys, termed the extended mid-year vacation as a “crime against students,” especially at the primary level. He questioned the logic behind a vacation lasting more than a month, pointing out that the separation of twelfth-grade exams from other levels is a significant mistake. Al-Subaie stressed the negative impact on students’ academic achievement and called for a serious examination and solutions to address the consequences.

Teacher Khalaf Nasser emphasized the need to reconsider and officially commit to the academic calendar. He noted the pressure on students during the first semester to complete the curriculum quickly, resulting in incomplete academic achievements. Prolonging the spring break, starting it well before it commences, is seen as painful and negatively affects students, especially given the current context of educational losses.

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