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Traffic violations – 853 thousand ran the red light in one year!

The Ministry of Interior revealed on Thursday that the total number of traffic violations recorded in the country during the year 2023 amounted to a staggering 9.120 million, including 3.142 million direct violations and 5.977 million indirect, while traffic accidents caused 296 deaths.

The Chairman of the Gulf Traffic Week committee, Brigadier General Nawaf Al Hayyan, said at the press conference held during the Unified Gulf Traffic Week 2024 under the slogan “Driving without a phone.”

The statistical indicators for traffic violations for the year 2023 amounted to 4.29 million for speeding, while those of crossing a red light amounted to 853.2 thousand, not wearing a seat belt amounted to 370.12 thousand and using a phone amounted to 185.8 thousand.

Al Hayyan added that the statistical indicators for accidents and deaths amounted to 63,818 collisions, 7,715 collisions and injuries, 985 run-over cases, and 2,132 overturns and injuries, while the number of deaths due to accidents reached 296 cases, a decrease of 27 percent from the year 2018, in which deaths due to accidents reached 403 cases.

He explained that traffic monitoring is carried out through 242 fixed cameras and 5 mobile cameras, indicating that control of traffic signals is carried out in dense traffic areas to facilitate movement at 265 connected intersections within the central control department.

He stated that speeding violations were monitored by using 255 fixed speed cameras, 161 traffic light cameras, and 18 mobile ones, while noting that eye injuries during the National Holidays this year fortunately decreased by 95.8 percent compared to the year 2023, where 331 injuries were reported.

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