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Time to address impending domestic worker shortage crisis: Al-Shammari

As Kuwait braces for an impending domestic worker shortage crisis over the next two months, measures are being taken by the government to avert such a scenario. Bassam Al-Shammari, an expert in domestic worker affairs, revealed that discussions between Kuwait and Ethiopia are set to resume in the coming period to finalize the terms of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regulating the recruitment of domestic workers from Addis Ababa. Once finalized, the MoU will be officially signed and implemented.

Al-Shammari emphasized that this step will open up a new market for recruiting domestic workers to address Kuwait’s current shortage. He noted that many local agencies are eagerly awaiting the signing of the MoU, which will pave the way for initial recruitment contracts, known as “job orders,” to be concluded with counterparts in Addis Ababa, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Recruiting workers from Ethiopia is seen as a viable solution due to the comparatively lower costs associated with their recruitment and salaries, thus alleviating financial burdens on citizens and residents.

In addition to Ethiopia, Al-Shammari stressed the importance of diversifying recruitment sources and not limiting the process to just a few countries. He reiterated the need to address any past shortcomings in workers’ rights and to strictly enforce laws against violators to ensure smooth recruitment processes.

He called on relevant government agencies to expedite the signing of the MoU with Ethiopia and to commence recruitment as soon as possible to preempt any emergency situations that may further strain the domestic worker market.

Al-Shammari emphasized that the willingness of countries exporting domestic workers to engage in bilateral agreements with Kuwait is contingent upon the effective implementation of Law No. 68/2015 and its executive regulations.

These legal frameworks, which introduce new rights for domestic workers, have garnered widespread acceptance among stakeholders in the recruitment sector and are expected to enhance Kuwait’s reputation as a destination for workers seeking employment opportunities.

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