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Thrilling drug bust in Kuwait worth half-million dinars

“In a relentless pursuit of enforcing the law and safeguarding public safety, the Directorate-General for Drug Control has made a significant breakthrough by meticulously following the trail of drugs and the illicit substances traffickers after obtaining crucial information about a narcotics smuggling operation through one of the country’s border crossings.

By ramping up surveillance, gathering essential intelligence, and strategically deploying forces to the border area, the DGDC personnel have arrested two individuals for attempting smuggle into the country approximately 35 kilograms of Shabu and around 300,000 Captagon pills cleverly concealed in various compartments of the vehicle, reports Al-Anba daily.

The seized contraband — with a street value of half a million Kuwaiti dinars — and the suspects have been referred to the concerned authority.

The Ministry urges the public to collaborate with security forces, encouraging them to report any suspicious activities through the emergency phone (112) and DGDC hotline 1884141.”

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