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Thieves steal cables worth 16,000 dinars in Jahra

The Criminal Security Sector of the Jahra Governorate Search and Investigation Department are looking for the thieves who stole electric cables worth approximately 16,000 dinars.

The Al-Anba daily said in the process the thieves destroyed 14 wooden poles in the Rawdhatain area and stole 3,000 meters of cable with a thickness of 100 mm.

The case was registered under No. 2/2024 with the title “Theft by Destroying Infrastructure” at the Al-Qashaaniyah Felony.

The arrest came after a Kuwaiti employee of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, reported the theft to the police station. The theft involved breaking 11 wooden poles, each approximately 11 meters long, for the Rawdhatain line.

The stolen electrical cable was about 2,225 linear meters long, with a thickness of 100 mm, valued at approximately 12,667 dinars. Another belonging to the Abdali line was also stolen in the same location, involving the breaking of 3 wooden poles, each 11 meters long. The stolen cable was approximately 649 linear meters long, with a thickness of 100 mm, valued at approximately 3,956 dinars.

The Ministry detected the theft after observing disruptions in electricity distribution in the area. Forensic officers visited the site, collected evidence, and assessed the availability of surveillance cameras to expedite the identification of the perpetrators.

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