Kuwait Amir’s Landmark visit to Türkiye a crucial milestone

We firmly believe that His Highness Amir’s visit to Türkiye will be a catalyst for unlocking new opportunities in trade and investment.

By Tuba Nur SÖNMEZ
Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to the State of Kuwait

As the Turkish Ambassador in Kuwait, it is with great honor and anticipation that I address the upcoming official visit of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait to Türkiye. This visit is not only a testament to the deep-rooted friendship and cooperation between our nations but also marks His Highness’s first official visit outside the Arab world—a clear signal of the closeness and mutual respect that define the Türkiye-Kuwait relationship.

This year, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Kuwait, a journey that has been characterized by mutual understanding, shared interests, and a commitment to regional peace and stability. The Amir’s visit is poised to be a crucial milestone, infusing new momentum into our bilateral cooperation across various sectors, including trade, defense, and cultural exchange.

The significance of this visit, however, extends far beyond our bilateral ties. At a time when our region faces unprecedented challenges, the need for consultation and coordination between Türkiye and Kuwait becomes paramount. Both nations, as actors who share similar visions for the region, are dedicated to fostering dialogue and collaboration to navigate these turbulent times.

The brotherly ties between our leaders have always been the cornerstone of our excellent political relations. The mutual trust and understanding between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and His Highness Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah have paved the way for a partnership that transcends traditional diplomacy.

A New Chapter is Set to Open in Bilateral Trade

On the economic front, our bilateral potential is enormous.

In the face of ever-changing global dynamics and ongoing geopolitical challenges, both Türkiye and Kuwait are keenly aware of the need to look toward future economic directions. In the year 202 3the trade volume between our nations reaching nearly $700 million—a testament to our strong political relations and a figure that holds the promise of exponential growth.

The shared commitment to enhancing our economic partnership is evident on both sides, and it is this shared vision that fuels our optimism. We firmly believe that His Highness Amir’s visit to Türkiye will be a catalyst for unlocking new opportunities in trade and investment.

Türkiye, renowned as an industrial powerhouse with a significant manufacturing capacity across diverse sectors, stands ready to welcome Kuwaiti investments. On the other hand, Kuwait’s financial strength, robust fiscal position, and expertise in finance and investment are noteworth. This synergy has the potential to forge a partnership that not only benefits our countries but also serves as a beacon for international cooperation.

As we anticipate the outcomes of this landmark visit, we are confident that it will pave the way for a flourishing economic relationship. The partnership between Türkiye and Kuwait is set to expand, creating a model of economic collaboration that resonates with our shared aspirations for prosperity and development.

In conclusion, the visit of His Highness the Amir to Türkiye is more than a diplomatic engagement; it is a bridge to a future where our economic ties are as strong and enduring as the political bonds that unite us. Under the visionary leadership of President Erdoğan and His Highness the Amir, we are embarking on a journey that promises to elevate our partnership to unprecedented heights.

In the aftermath of this significant visit, under the visionary leadership of both our leaders, we are confident that the partnership between Türkiye and Kuwait will not only strengthen but also expand into new areas of cooperation. This visit will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a new chapter in our shared history, one that promises prosperity and solidarity for our nations and the region at large.

As we prepare to welcome His Highness the Amir, we look forward to the opportunities that this historic visit will bring, reaffirming our commitment to a future built on the solid foundation of friendship and strategic partnership between Türkiye and Kuwait.

Gaza is the Common Concern

The upcoming visit of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait to Türkiye is not only a bridge between nations but also a beacon of hope for a region in turmoil. As we stand on the cusp of this visit, our hearts and minds turn to Gaza—the bleeding scar of our region. The crisis in Gaza is an ever-mounting concern that threatens to engulf the entire Middle East, with the ongoing conflict posing a significant risk to global security.

Both Türkiye and Kuwait have long stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people, advocating for an end to the barabaric Israeli violence and the cessation of the brutal occupation. Our shared position is clear: we support the establishment of a Palestinian state in accordance with relevant UN resolutions. This common stance underscores the importance of the Amir’s visit, as it provides a pivotal platform for our leaders to discuss the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

During the meetings between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and His Highness Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the plight of the Gazan people will take center stage. It is a testament to the compassionate leadership of both nations that Türkiye and Kuwait rank among the top humanitarian aid providers to Gaza. This commitment to humanitarian assistance reflects our nations’ dedication to alleviating suffering and fostering peace.

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