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Temperatures expected to rise further by June 7

The Al-Ajiri Scientific Center announced today, Tuesday, that the “Al-Qayaz Square” will begin on June 7th, where dryness of the atmosphere and a gradual increase in temperatures will be noticed during the two weeks.

The center said in a press statement that the country has actually entered the “Al-Batin” period, which is the last part of the “Al-Kena” season and lasts for 13 days, during which the beginning of the “Al-Qayaz Square” is characterized by the shortness of the shadow and its absence on some days, in addition to the perpendicularity of the sun’s rays.

He added that during the days of the “Al-Qayaz Square”, people will begin to feel a rise in temperatures, which will reach high levels in the GCC countries.

He explained that the time of the rise of the “Al-Batin” star is characterized by observing the intensity of the northwesterly winds during it, and temperatures rise from sunrise to sunset, which leads to the rise of dust and dirt.

The statement indicated that during “Al-Batin”, daylight hours reach more than 13 hours and 47 minutes, while the night shortens and the delay of sunset is noticed, which is at 6:46 PM.

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