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Kuwait’s Info. Min. outlines 2021-26 strategy for cutting-edge media sustainability

Kuwait’s Minister of Information and Culture Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi underscored the country’s commitment to adopting advanced and innovative media models and methods, as part of the Ministry of Information’s 2021-26 strategy to create sustainable and leading media content.

Speaking at the Arab Media Forum (AMF) in Dubai Tuesday in a dialogue session titled “Kuwait Towards a New Media Decade,” Al-Mutairi underlined the significance of the forum’s 22nd edition with the three themes of advanced narrative models of innovative media content, sustainability in media, and the role of artificial intelligence, which is consistent with the media strategy.

He gave details on Kuwait’s media vision under the auspicious of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, focusing on transparency, community participation, professional content, and technological advancement.

Al-Mutairi mentioned the goal of building a comprehensive media system using modern technology to provide platforms catering to citizens’ needs and enhance their involvement with national issues, emphasizing the media’s role in fostering positive community dialogue by sharing success stories, positive experiences, and strengthening communication between citizens and officials.

Media can unify national discourse, reflect shared values and challenges, and make educational and cultural programs to develop unity and solidarity, he pointed out.

He highlighted the media’s role in promoting national values and cultural identity by raising awareness about peaceful coexistence and collaboration, as media can help build a strong, cohesive society capable of outlining developmental challenges.

On regional cooperation, Al-Mutairi stressed efforts with Gulf media institutions to unify media discourse, enhance content quality, and face common challenges through a joint Gulf media strategy under the guidance of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders.

Media cooperation strengthens cultural and social ties among Gulf populations, he said, cultivating mutual understanding and integration, which reinforces a shared Gulf identity and sustainable development.

Regarding sustainable development, media can help achieve these goals by raising awareness about environmental, social, and economic issues, encouraging sustainable practices, and involving society in development efforts, Al-Mutairi stated.

Media can advocate the preservation or natural resources and environmental balance through educational programs and community Initiatives, contributing to a sustainable future for upcoming generations, he pointed out.

Discussing media as a form of soft power, Al-Mutairi underlined the importance of quality, credibility, and creativity in content delivery, mentioning that media can be an effective tool for cultural diplomacy and positive international influence by portraying a positive image of the society’s values and culture, thereby boosting tourism, investment, and drawing in global talent.

He explained the need to balance freedom of expression with media regulation by establishing clear legal frameworks that ensure free speech while preventing the spread of rumors and misinformation, which requires cooperation between the government, media institutions, and civil society.

Balancing freedom of expression and media regulation augments public trust in the media, reduces fake news, and helps build an informed stable society capable of making well-informed decisions, he added.

Al-Mutairi outlined the responsible use of social media, stressing the need for awareness and educational policies that encourage users to verify information and respect cultural and social values, thereby building a safe digital community, reducing misinformation, and strengthening societal stability and progress.

The Kuwaiti delegation, led by Al-Mutairi, features Kuwait’s Consul General to Dubai and Northern UAE, Ambassador Ali Al-Thaydi, and consulate official who attended the forum.

Source: KUNA

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