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Solution seen to Al-Abdul Razzaq Darwaza tunnel crisis

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport is in the process of drafting a letter granting approval to the contractor responsible for the maintenance work on Al-Abdul Razzaq Darwaza tunnel.

This approval is a crucial step in completing the contract work, with the ultimate goal of reopening the intersection, which has remained closed for approximately three years.

Reliable sources in the Ministry of Works told Al-Rai, the Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, along with the Minister of Public Works, Dr. Jassim Al-Astad, held a meeting with PART officials, the purpose of which was to discuss the mechanism for finalizing the maintenance work, during which an agreement was reached with the contractor regarding the specific tasks to be completed.

It is worth noting that the former Minister of Public Works, Amani Bouqmaz, took the decision to halt the work on the tunnel approximately a year ago.

This decision was taken pending the resolution of a dispute related to tunnel work after a specialist at the Government Performance Center submitted a report.

The report asserted that the implementation mechanism for tunnel repairs was incorrect and posed a danger. The project contractor team, however, contended that the ongoing works were executed correctly, following a thoroughly studied plan, and argued against the necessity of stopping them.

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