Serbia and Kuwait share the same values

Frank Katic, The chargé d'affaires of Serbian embassy

The Times Kuwait Report

Diplomatic relations between Serbia — when it was part of the former state of Yugoslavia — and Kuwait were established on 7 May, 1963. The fact that relations between the two nations have flourished for over 60 years is a testimony to the strength and warmth of our relationship, said Filip Katic, the chargé d’affaires at the Serbian embassy.

In an exclusive interview with The Times Kuwait last week, the Serbian diplomat opened up about the excellent relations between Serbia and Kuwait in various domains, including on the diplomatic, economic and cultural fronts.

He pointed out how ties between the two countries have grown stronger over the years. “Kuwait reaffirmed its humanitarian ideals and friendly relations with Serbia in May 2014, when my country was ravaged by torrential floods. The emergency financial aid of USD1 million provided by Kuwait on the occasion helped to reconstruct more than 25 houses that were damaged by the floods. Over the past few decades, mutual visits by the leaders of both countries have served as an incentive for further strengthening ties between the two nations.

“On the multilateral level, Serbia and Kuwait share the same values and provide mutual support in numerous specialized bodies and agencies of the UN, including in the UN Security Council, and UNESCO. Last year, Serbia supported Kuwait’s election as a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the 2024-2026 term. It is expected that mutual support on the multilateral level will continue to grow in the coming period.”

Elaborating on bilateral relations, the Serbian envoy said, “Multifaceted relations between the two countries continue to develop in various areas, including trade, tourism, culture, and education. In this regard, the harmonization of three bilateral agreements in the field of scientific and technical cooperation is in progress, and these will add more impetus to our relations in these fields.

“Currently, we are focusing on organizing the second Intergovernmental Committee for Economic and Technical Issues between Serbia and Kuwait. The visit of the chairman of that Committee and Minister of RDM of Serbia, Edin Djerlek, is planned for the second half of May this year. This engagement is crucial for fostering connections in the field of economy, and investments.”

Turning to cultural relations between the two countries and the potential for improving tourism ties with Kuwait, Mr. Katic said, “In the coming period, we also plan to improve cultural cooperation with Kuwait by organizing exhibitions and presenting traditional Serbian folklore ensembles in Kuwait. And, we remain fully committed to signing a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Kuwait in the field of culture.

“We also plan to showcase Serbia’s tourism potential to Kuwait. Our country boasts beautiful nature, mountains, spas, historical monuments, and a pleasant climate. I believe that in the future, Serbia could become an interesting tourist destination for the citizens of Kuwait.”

Emphasizing the great experiences he has had in Kuwait so far, the Serbian envoy noted, “The way of life in Kuwait differs from that in Serbia, but I quickly adapted due to the kindness and hospitality of Kuwaitis. I particularly enjoy my visits to diwaniya, where I have the opportunity to meet wonderful people, from whom I always learn something new about Kuwait’s history, tradition, and culture. I also appreciate Kuwaiti food, especially machboos, kanafa, and, of course, coffee.

“The Serbian community in Kuwait is small, numbering only about 550 people, who are mostly employed as doctors, engineers, and fitness trainers. They are satisfied with their life and working conditions in your country. I take this occasion to thank the leadership, the government and people of Kuwait for all their support and generosity,” said the diplomat at the end of the interview.

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