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Government stands firm on fingerprinting attendance in schools

A recent statement from a government source has reaffirmed the decision to implement fingerprinting in schools, emphasizing that it aligns with a broader national trend and applies universally across government agencies. The source emphasized that no exceptions will be made, citing higher government directives to uphold decisions made in the public interest.

Education sources told Al-Qabas daily that a majority of teachers have already accepted the fingerprinting attendance system, which is part of a broader initiative to streamline operations and ensure accountability. While acknowledging concerns about flexible working hours, the source assured that the fingerprint system will be implemented in a manner that accommodates these arrangements without disadvantaging teachers.

Furthermore, the Civil Service Commission’s mandate applies to all government employees, leaving no room for exemptions except in cases of disability. The CSC had previously exempted schools under the Ministry of Education until the installation of fingerprint devices linked to the central system.

The Ministry of Education has initiated the implementation of the fingerprinting system in schools, effective from February 11, underscoring the importance of integrating information systems management to facilitate the process for all employees.

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