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Reopening visas aimed at revitalizing economy

The decision to reopen tourist, family, and commercial visits is apparently aimed at revitalizing the economy, in line with similar moves implemented by other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. Reiterating this, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, emphasized the potential economic benefits of opening up to visitors.

Pointing to the expansion of airport facilities, he asserted, “There is no reason why we cannot increase the number of visitors to the country within established frameworks, laws, and specific visitation periods. Rationalizing the decision to reopen visas, he noted that there have been instances where qualified individuals left the country due to the inability to live without their families.

He emphasized that the decision to reopen visits aims to retain such talent and prevent their departure from the country. Al-Yousef also highlighted the importance of preventing the misuse of visits and ensuring they serve their intended purpose. Stressing that comprehensive laws and regulations have been established to govern these visits, he stated, “Those who abide by these regulations will be welcomed, while those who violate them will face legal repercussions and be subject to punishment in accordance with the law.”

He underscored that the Ministry of Interior has implemented various measures and strategies to ensure the proper management of all types of visits under specific conditions, with continued vigilance to enforce regulations and deter violators. Violators, including both visitors and sponsors, will be flagged by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigations, and appropriate legal actions will be taken in accordance with the Foreigners’ Residence Law.

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