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Ramadan crackdown: 35 kiosks removed, 20 unlicensed donors nabbed

The inspection and follow-up teams, collaborating with 30 charitable societies, detected violations in charitable work during the first week of the holy month.

Sources within the Ministry of Affairs disclosed to Al-Anbaa newspaper that during the first week of Ramadan, inspection and follow-up teams, in collaboration with 30 charitable societies, detected violations in charitable work. As a result, about ten cards were revoked from representatives who were collecting donations unlawfully.

According to the law, rules, and regulations, the sources explained that the cards that are withdrawn are never returned, and their holders are suspended from working on charitable projects.

The sources also indicated that during the first week, approximately 35 kiosks were removed for collecting in-kind donations in various governorates. Moreover, more than 20 cases of collecting donations without a license were arrested, including both individual cases and institutions not authorized to collect donations.

Legal measures were taken regarding these cases and were referred to the competent authorities to take necessary legal action. Additionally, a small number of electronic advertisements were monitored on social media.

The sources confirmed that most charitable organizations are committed to the laws, regulations, and conditions governing charitable work; and the percentage of violations is much lower than in previous years.

They added, “The ministry’s inspection teams are monitoring and addressing charitable work violations promptly, whether committed by entities or individuals.

They also monitor communication platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook for calls for unlicensed donations that have not received prior permission from the ministry, taking necessary measures against the violators and their owners.”

The sources said, “Some unknown individuals are exploiting the nature of Kuwaiti society and its compassion for helping the needy to achieve personal goals that are entirely unrelated to charitable work. Therefore, we urge citizen and resident donors to exercise caution when donating, not to be swayed by such appeals, and to channel their donations to reputable and well-established entities in the country. This is especially important as such funds could end up in the hands of those who misuse them, tarnishing Kuwaiti charitable efforts.”

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