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Rainy day smooth: Quick fixes at intersections keep traffic flowing

In some areas of Kuwait, the chances of rain will return on Friday morning, with the rainfall expected to be light to moderate.

  • Traffic patrols handled 17 minor accidents, organized traffic at sites, and assisted the Fire Force with a fallen tree incident in Jabriya.

  • The fire brigades dealt with 13 reports, which included water accumulations, power outages, falling trees, and minor traffic accidents.

Tuesday morning saw varying degrees of heavy and moderate rainfall across Kuwait, necessitating the preparedness and mobilization of relevant authorities. This particularly involved the Ministry of Interior, the General Fire Force, the National Guard, the Ministry of Public Works, and the General Authority for Roads, Transport, and Land. They were promptly tasked with addressing any incidents arising from the rainy conditions.

The morning period did not witness any significant accidents resulting from the rainy conditions, nor did the ring roads, main highways, and tunnels report any water accumulations, except for four traffic intersections experiencing an electrical network defect. These intersections were promptly addressed by the engineers of the Traffic Engineering Department at the General Administration.

The rain caused heavy traffic congestion on many of the country’s roads. The official spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works, Eng. Ahmed Al-Saleh, stated that the country experienced a wave of moderate-intensity rain yesterday morning.

He noted that the emergency teams of the Ministry and the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport were present around the clock in critical areas. Additionally, inspection tours were conducted by the teams to ensure that there was no accumulation of rainwater.

Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, Director of the Meteorology Department, mentioned that the rainy conditions were caused by the proliferation of low and medium clouds, accompanied by rain of varying intensity. It was heavy in some areas, indicating the start of a gradual improvement in weather conditions at night. This improvement was marked by decreasing clouds and diminishing chances of rain, along with the formation of fog.

He pointed out that in some areas, the chances of rain will return on Friday morning, with the rainfall expected to be light to moderate. The highest amounts of rain recorded since midnight last night ranged between 4.7 to 16 mm.

Major General Khaled Fahd, acting head of the General Fire Force, stated that all department centers are on high alert to address the rainy situation. The operations department is monitoring the rain 24/7 in cooperation with state agencies and the Meteorological Department.

In a statement to Al-Jarida, Major General Fahd added that the Operations Department received several limited reports due to rain, including water puddles at entry points to areas and fallen trees, along with other minor incidents. He highlighted that fire stations handled all these reports effectively.

In turn, Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Gharib, the Director of the Public Relations and Media Department at the Fire Department, mentioned that the fire force issued warnings yesterday morning regarding the rainy situation. He noted that everyone’s cooperation contributed to reducing the number of reports.

Additionally, he mentioned that the fire brigades dealt with 13 reports, which included water accumulations, power outages, falling trees, and minor traffic accidents.

He continued, stating that the incidents did not result in any injuries among civilians and firefighters. He urged citizens and residents to exercise caution while driving and at home, ensuring there are no water leaks in basements. He also advised not to hesitate in requesting assistance from the general fire force or security personnel via telephone if needed.

Brigadier General Jadaan Fadel, Director of the Directorate of Moral Guidance of the National Guard, mentioned that the National Guard support force arrived early in the morning in southern Sabah Al-Ahmad area. They assisted the Ministry of Public Works teams in clearing accumulated water and restoring normal traffic flow disrupted by water accumulation.

Fadel added that the guard teams used special pumps to remove rainwater. He noted that the Guard’s field support force was ready to assist state agencies in the field due to its special equipment for handling rain and natural disasters.

The officer of the Public Relations and Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, Major Abdullah Bu Al-Hassan, stated that the traffic and operations sector, comprising the General Traffic Department, the General Department of Rescue Police, and the General Department of Central Operations, has been placed in a state of readiness. This action was taken based on the instructions of Major General Yousef Al-Khadda, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Traffic and Operations Affairs, after receiving rain warnings from meteorologists.

Bu Al-Hassan added that patrols from the General Directorate of Traffic and the General Directorate of Rescue Police have been deployed since the early hours of the rainy situation. They are tasked with promptly addressing reports, traffic congestion, and minor accidents that occurred on the roads during the past hours.

He also mentioned that the Traffic Operations Department received notable reports, including the disruption of four traffic intersections due to rain. These issues were promptly and efficiently handled by the engineers and technicians of the Traffic Engineering Department.

He stated that traffic and rescue patrols handled 17 minor traffic accidents, organized traffic at the accident sites, and also collaborated with the General Fire Force to address an incident involving falling trees in the Jabriya area. This incident caused a traffic obstruction, and he clarified that none of these accidents resulted in significant injuries. Health facilities have heightened their readiness.

The Ministry of Health has activated an emergency plan to address the ongoing wave of rain in the country. All health facilities have increased their preparedness and readiness to manage the current rain wave. Health sources disclosed to Al-Jarida newspaper that all emergency and accident departments in hospitals, along with emergency medical personnel, are on standby to handle the rainy conditions. They mentioned ongoing communication with various state institutions regarding this matter.

The sources urged all citizens and residents to contact emergency numbers if they experience any symptoms. They emphasized the importance of patients ensuring the availability of necessary treatments to manage diseases associated with weather changes and rain waves.

Such as bronchodilators for asthma patients, in addition to visiting the nearest health center if you experience any health issues.

On Tuesday evening, there were reports of rainwater accumulation in several areas, notably on the Fahaheel Expressway before the Funaitees entrance towards Fahaheel, as well as at the entrance to Beirut Street on the Fahaheel Expressway.

In the Farwaniya area, rainwater accumulated at the intersection of the first Jleeb Road towards Al-Masila, and on the Fourth Ring Road opposite Al-Samoud Camp. In Al-Ahmadi, water accumulation occurred at the Al-Sahel Club lobby towards the city, and in Jahra, water accumulation occurred in the Sulaibiya Tunnel towards Al-Jahra, as well as on the Sixth Ring Road at the Saad Al-Abdullah Lobby.

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