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PROVACUNO sizzles up Kuwait’s food scene with Spanish beef debut

Last year, Kuwait bolstered its position as a premier destination for high-quality beef imports from Spain by importing over 100 tons.

The Joint Professional Agri-Food Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, known as PROVACUNO,representing all stakeholders across the production chain, orchestrated an exclusive event to unveil Spanish beef in Kuwait. This initiative comes at a pivotal moment as Kuwait recently reopened its borders to Spanish beef products, marking a significant opportunity for both parties.

This event took place at the headquarters of the Miguel Moro, Spanish ambassador to Kuwait. José Ramon Godoy, PROVACUNO’s Director of Internationalization, highlighted the distinctive features of this esteemed product, emphasizing its uniqueness characterized by freshness, juiciness, delicate flavor, and exceptional safety standards. Quality is paramount.

Moro said that Spanish beef is sourced from young animals and fed with top-quality grains and oilseeds, adhering strictly to the rigorous standards of the European production model, recognized as the most stringent globally.

He underscored its suitability for the most discerning global markets, ensuring maximum food safety without the use of antibiotics, growth-promoting hormones, or unauthorized shelf-life extenders. Regarding the Spanish beef sector, he noted that Spain annually produces around 800 thousand tons of beef, with approximately 350 thousand tons being exported.

Last year, Kuwait imported over 100 tons of our beef, solidifying its position as a top choice for our high-quality, controlled, and safe beef. Moro elaborated that while trade relations are favorable, they fall short of the aspirations of both nations. He stressed his ongoing efforts to collaboratively enhance and strengthen these relations with the Kuwaiti counterparts.

He pointed out that the trade exchange between the two countries amounts to 500 million euros directly, and extensive efforts are being made to reach the desired level.

He said, Spanish meat is renowned for its high quality, and we have a presence in all countries. It is 100% halal with certification to prove it, as we have over two million Muslims living in Spain from various Arab countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and others. Additionally, our products adhere to European standards.

He elaborated that his country is prepared to collaborate with Kuwait in the realm of food security, and we are currently coordinating with them as part of ongoing discussions. He highlighted the visit of nine Spanish companies specializing in the agricultural industry and related fields to Kuwait, emphasizing our collaboration with the Scientific Progress Foundation.

Regarding whether there will be a meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, in which Kuwait is participating, he said, I do not have any information about an expected meeting, but I am sure that there is a possibility of communication between the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister and the Spanish Foreign Minister.

He pointed out that the situation in the region is extremely difficult and requires the efforts of everyone to find solutions, explaining that Kuwait and Spain share identical visions on many political issues and current events in the region.

He stressed that Kuwait is a good and close friend of Spain, stating, We have good relations at the highest levels, and we will witness much communication between officials of the two countries in the future.

He expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Kuwait in this new era and during the current stage of development that Kuwait is undergoing, aiming to strengthen and enhance our bilateral relationship.

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