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Prominent issues facing new government include combating corruption, road repairs

As Kuwaiti citizens eagerly anticipate the initiatives of the new government led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sabah, a set of urgent priorities and critical issues have taken center stage.

From combating corruption and enhancing public services to promoting domestic tourism and revitalizing Kuwait’s unique identity, there is a collective expectation for reform, development, and achievement, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Muhammad Al-Sabah, took the constitutional oath with a clear focus on reform, development, work, and achievement. This marks a pivotal phase, prompting heightened citizen interest in stability, construction, and the completion of development projects spanning various domains.

At the forefront of citizen expectations are calls for accelerated infrastructure development, reduction of bureaucratic hurdles, rectification of administrative inefficiencies, youth empowerment in leadership roles, and an infusion of fresh talent into government departments.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sabah’s emphasis on consolidating the country’s new economic identity brings the tourism and entertainment sector into sharp focus. Efforts are needed to boost tourism openness, invigorate domestic tourism, and establish recreational facilities catering to diverse segments of society, akin to neighboring countries.

Ambitions extend to empowering Kuwaiti women in decision-making roles, eradicating all forms of discrimination, securing their rights, and updating legislation to safeguard these rights.

Key areas of concern include:

  • Road Repairs: Completing plans to contract with international companies for road repairs.
  • Delayed Projects: Accelerating the completion of stalled projects across various ministry sectors.
  • Leadership Positions: Filling leadership positions, currently predominantly appointed, in various government bodies.
  • Interior Ministry: Continuing efforts to combat drugs, establishing new anti-drug departments in governorates, and addressing residency issues.
  • Electricity and Water: Speeding up energy purchases from the Gulf interconnection, signing delayed maintenance contracts, and addressing the expected electrical deficit.
  • Residential Sector: Reducing waiting times, developing a sustainable housing plan, clarifying jurisdictional matters, and accelerating new housing projects.
  • Education and Higher Education: Combating fraud, filling leadership vacancies, aligning education outputs with the job market, and increasing medical admission seats.
  • Foreign Affairs: Restoring Kuwait’s regional and international role, strengthening diplomatic efforts, and addressing citizens’ concerns abroad.
  • Justice and Endowments: Kuwaitizing the judiciary, improving judicial infrastructure, empowering women in leadership, and enhancing the role of mosques.

Furthermore, healthcare improvements are sought, including enhancing the quality of services, maintaining pharmaceutical stock, addressing doctor migration, and meeting citizens’ needs in hospitals. The comprehensive agenda reflects the government’s commitment to holistic development and progress.

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