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Price of onions skyrocket, various reasons cited

There is a surge in onion prices, with the cost per kilo skyrocketing from 150 fils to 500 fils for Indian onions and 350 fils for Turkish and Iranian onions over the past two days. This sudden spike is attributed to various impediments in importing this product from exporting nations.

Al-Rai visited thw Al-Sulaibiya Fruit and Vegetables market to understand the causes behind this abrupt price hike. Vegetable importer Mahmoud Salama, said the Kuwaiti market faces a significant demand for onions, previously imported from Pakistan, Egypt on daily basis.

The prices were reasonable, and quantities were ample until exports from these countries to Kuwait ceased due to drought and insufficient production. Furthermore, imports from Sudan were interrupted due to the ongoing war in that region.

In response to these challenges, attempts were made to source onions from Iran and Turkey. However, recent disruptions in imports from Iran have contributed to the surge in prices, culminating in a 15-kilo burlap bag now costing 4.5 dinars.

Salama anticipates that orders from Iran and Turkey, expected to arrive within 20 days, may temporarily alleviate the situation. Nonetheless, he foresees prices to continue to rise until the beginning of the next year.

Faisal Al-Damak, a local farmer, affirmed that Kuwaiti farms concluded their onion production in June, and the next harvest is not expected until April of the following year. This necessitates a heavy reliance on importers to meet the market demand.

It is noteworthy that Jaber Al-Azmi, the head of the Kuwaiti Farmers Union, had previously warned of an impending onion crisis in an interview with Al-Rai on May 15.

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