New MPW minister faces an uphill task on road to success

Despite years of efforts, the problem of flying gravel in the streets and the presence of potholes in Kuwait has yet to be fundamentally resolved. Reports from the Ministry of Public Works reveal that this issue has plagued the country since 2005, posing a substantial challenge for the newly appointed Minister, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

The ministry’s reports indicate that over the past nine years, nine committees were formed to study the phenomenon of flying gravel, starting in 2011 and continuing until 2020. One notable development during this period was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Kuwaiti government and the sisterly State of Qatar in the area of improving road implementation, construction, and maintenance.

However, these efforts have not led to a comprehensive solution to the problem. The reports highlight several reasons behind the deterioration of roads in Kuwait, with the lack of a clear maintenance strategy being a significant factor. This absence of strategic planning has resulted in the general deterioration of both internal roads and highways throughout the country. The reports also point out the absence of priorities in road maintenance work, as well as a lack of commitment to those priorities.

Moreover, periodic and preventive maintenance of roads has been neglected, leading to their rapid deterioration. Another issue raised in the reports is the limited scope of maintenance contracts, which focus on specific areas in certain governorates while neglecting others. This selective approach to maintenance has left many areas without adequate upkeep, contributing to the overall degradation of Kuwait’s road infrastructure.

Furthermore, the reports emphasize that only certain lanes on highways receive sweeping and furnishing, leaving other lanes neglected. The persistence of the flying gravel and pothole problem in Kuwait underscores the urgent need for comprehensive and effective road maintenance strategies. The government and relevant authorities must prioritize addressing this issue to ensure safe and efficient transportation for citizens and residents.

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