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Philippine recruitment agencies and employers hopeful on resumption of Filipino workers to Kuwait

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Philippine recruitment agencies are hopeful that within the coming days, may resume deployment of workers after a courtesy meeting was held between the First Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad Yousuf Saud Al Sabah and visiting Law Maker from the Philippines Congressman Ron Salo on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with Congressman Salo, he told The Times that the meeting held may yield positive results and that good news maybe announced in coming days.  The law maker added that the meeting was very cordial and that First Deputy Prime Minister was very helpful not only in resolving concerns but extending continued support to the Filipino community in Kuwait.

Recruitment agencies in Kuwait were also optimistic that the deployment will resume soonest as local employers have been requesting for Filipino workers for their homes and businesses. “ I grew up with a Filipino household helper and very thankful that they helped me in my formation as a kid and of who I am now, I would like my children to experience the same” commented Maha, Kuwaiti national.

In addition, she stated that in many of the businesses institutions Filipino workers find it  easy to adapt to situation, good conversationalist, pleasant and their smiles are their keys  to winning customers. Maha hopes that deployment for Filipinos will resume soonest.

“We thank the Kuwaiti government for opening the doors for the possibility of resuming deployment for Filipinos” stated Marissa, Filipino recruitment officer.

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