Peru celebrates 202 years of independence

By Carlos Velasco
Ambassador of Peru

This year the Republic of Peru celebrates two hundred and two years of its Independence, which was declared on 28 July, 1821. Independence marked the birth of the Republic as a sovereign State that places empowering human beings as the supreme goal of the society.

As a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, Peru promotes its vast ancient culture and sustainable development for the benefit of its people, as well as for cooperation, peace and security in the world, according to international law.

Peru and Kuwait have developed a strong relationship over the years which dates back to almost half a century and is based on close friendship and cooperation, political collaboration, cultural exchanges, trade, investment, and tourism. Currently the two sides are negotiating a Visa Waiver Agreement which exempts citizens of both nations to obtain a visa for traveling.

Also both countries have shared interest in international fora as the two nations play important roles in their respective regional and global levels.

Peru is proud to share that it is in the process of joining the Organization Of Economic Cooperation And Development (OECD), which reflects the political will of the country to become a member based on its merits as an open economy that respects the rule of law, human rights, promotes climate change protections, enforce the fight against corruption, all of which makes the country a like minded country for OECD.

The Embassy of Peru in the State of Kuwait, takes this occasion to convey its warmest congratulations to Peruvians residing in Kuwait, as well as to our dear Kuwaiti friends.

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