After two years of closure, the Omariya Zoo is still on the list of disabled recreational facilities in the country under the pretext of maintenance for years, in a trend that reveals the slow mechanism of dealing with the maintenance of government facilities, especially projects related to entertainment and tourism, and the park has become exposed to a longer closing period due to the slow documentary cycle.

Sources told a local Arabic daily that no maintenance procedures related to the park facilities have been completed during its closure (during the Corona pandemic), indicating that after approval of a company’s donation to bear the full maintenance cost of the zoo, the company did not officially receive the site due to obstacles in the regulatory authorities and slow documentary cycle, which delays the opening of the zoo.

The sources added the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources was unable to bear the costs of maintenance, which made it assign the task to one of the major companies to finance it under the item of community service, in addition to its inability to establish a new zoo project, which made it cancel the project idea and keep the current one.

With regard to the animals, the sources pointed out that most of the animals are in their cages and receive full care under the supervision of a team from the zoo, and that the possibility of importing new animals will be determined after maintenance, for which no time has been set.

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