YouTube has reportedly decided to discontinue its “Stories” feature, according to several online sources. The popular video-sharing platform will no longer support temporary posts known as “Stories” starting from June 26, 2023. Users will no longer be able to publish new “Stories” after this date, and existing posts will only remain visible for seven days, reports Al-Rai Daily.

Introduced in 2017, the “Stories” feature on YouTube allowed users and content creators with over 10,000 subscribers to share temporary posts to promote their channels and content. However, it seems that the feature failed to gain the desired traction among followers.

According to information from “The Verge,” YouTube’s decision to abandon the “Stories” feature may be an effort to encourage users to explore other services, such as the recently introduced “Shorts” feature. By focusing on alternative offerings, YouTube aims to provide a more engaging and dynamic experience for its vast user base.

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