A state of frustration has grown in many societal circles in the country, since the announcement of the re-formation of the “negative phenomena” committee in the last National Assembly. Joy, while the arts embody one of the most important characteristics of Kuwaiti culture and its soft power.

Kuwaitis, especially young people, often complain about what they see as an escalation of the forces of political Islam pressing on society, reports a local Arabic daily.

Is happiness, within the limits of the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, a negative phenomenon? Is depriving people of joy and entertainment, in accordance with the regulated laws and regulations, a requirement in the agenda of the deputy, who is obligated to honor his oath to implement it? What is the benefit of allocating a committee for negative phenomena, as long as the laws are drafted, the judiciary is majestic, and the Ministry of Interior is “alive” and doing its part? Isn’t the commission’s re-establishment a form of spreading fear of stifling liberties? And restrict and monitor individual behavior? Did citizens elect representatives to monitor the government or monitor the people?

All of these questions were an extract from the statements of activists whose opinions were sought by the daily regarding the revival of the work of the Negative Phenomena Committee, and affirmed their rejection of what they called “the imposition of guardianship on society and interference in the behavior of individuals,” stressing the need to “preserve freedoms and not prejudice them.”

They unanimously agreed that “Kuwait was distinguished by its past, which sponsored arts and literature in all its forms,” pointing to the importance of “looking at the experiences of our Gulf brothers around us, who are making countries for the future, while we are relegating strongly to the past,” calling on government officials to “be as much as they are responsible, and not succumb to the terror of some.”

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