An 18-year-old Canadian student, who bought a lottery ticket for the first time, won the grand prize of $48 million, becoming the youngest person in Canada to win such a large sum.

Juliette Lamour, a student at Sault Sainte-Marie in Ontario, explained during her acceptance of her award that she bought her first lottery ticket after her grandfather encouraged her to do so, reports Al-Rai daily.

She added, “He told me (I have reached eighteen, buy a ticket and try your luck),” noting that when she entered the store, she called her father to ask him about the procedures that should be followed to participate in the lottery.

The Ontario Lottery Company “OLG” announced over the weekend the identity of the only grand prize winner in the draw that took place in early January, noting that Juliette Lamour “is the youngest person in Canada to win such a large sum in the lottery at all.”

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