The cancellation of the women’s yoga event turned into a widespread social controversy in Kuwaiti society over continuous restrictions on the simple leisure space available to people.

Al-Rai has learned people have lashed out at government’s acquiescence amid comparisons with neighboring countries and the activities they organize while such events are cancelled in Kuwait in the name of preserving the values, customs and traditions.

This is in contrast to Saudi Arabia celebrating a few days ago the first edition of the “Yoga Festival”, while the organizers of the “Yoga Journey” event in Kuwait announced its postponement without announcing the reasons, while sources confirmed that this came at the request of government agencies in the name of ‘acquiring’ and after a request from MP Hamdan Al-Azmi, who calls these practices extraneous and dangerous to conservative society.

While women’s activists called for a sit-in next Monday to highlight their plight and right to engage in such activities.

The National Democratic Alliance denounced “the government weakness and caving in to parliamentary pressures which hold hostage the state from the constitutional civil system to the strict religious pattern.”

The coalition says the responsibility rests with the Prime Minister, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, who submits to the blackmailing by representatives of political Islam to protect his chair.

The Kuwaiti progressive movement called for confronting this reality that is being imposed on the state, society and individuals in Kuwait, establishing a specific pattern of behavior with strict standards, restricting people’s private choices, exaggerating the marginalization of women, preventing celebrations and artistic, social, sports or entertainment events, and banning television channels by issuing fatwas as a basis for government decisions.

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