The Occupational Safety Center at the Public Authority for Manpower plans to make an extensive inventory of the files of companies that do not comply with the requirements and regulations of providing insurance for labor injuries and accidents, or paying compensation to their workers in case of injuries.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily that the authority’s center requires companies to renew their files and give statistics once every three months containing the approval signature, an insurance policy, and a table of labor accidents and injuries if any.

The sources added that the purpose of the statistics is to inspect the extent to which companies are committed to providing real labor insurance document that authorizes obtaining and paying compensation to the worker and providing the necessary treatment in the event of injury.

Regarding the workers’ financial rights, the source stated PAM will soon announce the ‘salary certificate’ mechanism that companies must provide in order to obtain renewal of work permits and other transfer or cancellation procedures, after stopping the procedure due to Covid-19 pandemic.

PAM indicated its Inspection Department will proceed through its automated system to verify the salary certificates, noting that in the event of monitoring any infringements on the material labor rights, the file will be blocked immediately and legal measures will be taken against violators, especially since there are pledges by companies to grant financial rights and vacations to registered workers.

In another context, the sources said that the tripartite committee continues to track violations in the labor market, by intensifying campaigns against workers.

The source pointed out that the inspectors of the Tripartite Committee, in cooperation with the Residence Affairs Investigations Department, are closely following up on domestic workers working violating the labor and residence laws.

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