Four associations and committees concerned with women’s affairs have expressed their rejection of the decision of the Parliamentary Women’s Committee (PWC) about allocating a monthly salary to non-working Kuwaiti women.

In a joint statement, the Women’s Cultural and Social Society, the Kuwaiti Soroptist Society for Community Development, the Kuwait Lawyers Association and the National Association for Family Security (Rawasi) said: “We have deplored the decision of the Women’s Committee in the National Assembly to allocate a monthly salary to non-working women.

The statement added: “We categorically reject such decisions that attempt to keep women away from the labor market and decision-making process and deprive them of performing their duty towards their society and country, while they are an essential partner in development, and the Kuwaiti constitution guarantees them equality and justice.

Article 26 of the constitution stipulates that public jobs are a national service entrusted to those in charge of them, and state employees, in performing their jobs, aim for the public interest.”

A reliable source said, “This proposal, although it appears outwardly that it is in the interest of women, is in fact marginalizing them and keeping them away from work and decision-making centers and contrary to the state’s orientation and its objectives for economic development because of its direct impact on the economy and the labor market.

This is in addition to being a stimulus to unemployment, a waste of the nation’s resources, and an additional burden on the state budget in light of the budget deficit conditions, knowing that the state provides assistance to needy widows, divorced women and the elderly in accordance with the conditions and controls and the actual need.

The signatory associations and committees affirmed: “We are confident that there are many more important and urgent social issues concerning women that have been neglected by the said committee, such as housing welfare laws and university admissions, among others, which discriminate between males and females, and many urgent civil rights issues related to women’s rights.

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