The wife of Kuwait’s Ambassador to US Sheikha Rima Al-Sabah

As the world observes International Women’s Day, the wife of Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US Sheikha Rima Al-Sabah was named by a prominent US magazine among America’s top 100 party hosts for 2019.

Rima Al-Sabah, who is both a Goodwill Ambassador to UNHCR and a philanthropist who over the last 19 years was able to raise over USD 18 million through her gala dinners to support women and children causes, was named among the Salonniere 100 this year along such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood’s Jennifer Ansiton.

The magazine noted that Rima Al-Sabah “is known for hosting purpose-driven fundraisers that are bridge- builders, attracting politicos from both sides of the aisle as well as Hollywood luminaries.”

It indicated that “in 2018, her parties raised millions of dollars to support refugees and displaced women.” “Marie Claireonce noted that she has “strengthened ties between the US and Kuwait and changed our view of Arab women,” the magazine added. On this occasion, Sheikha Rima told KUNA “I was honored to have been selected to be among the America’s 100 best party hosts in 2019.”

She added “I am grateful to be able to host events that help causes close to my heart and be able to attract power players who prove helpful for such causes.” Rima Al-Sabah, was asked to speak at the UN earlier this week to celebrate International Women’s Day by the UN Women for Peace Association, an Association that honored her last year with the 2018 Peace Award.

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Salonniere Carla McDonald said in a statement that The Salonniere 100 “isour way of honoring those who are extraordinary at hosting events with passion and purpose and using the power of parties to unite, enhance, and improve the lives of others.”

This year’s list includes honorees from 33 U.S. cities and represents “a diverse and brilliantly creative group of people who share one common trait: an exceptional ability to leverage the power of parties to enhance the lives of others.”

McDonald affirmed that “social gatherings play a vital role in our lives and communities, whether to connect people, advance ideas, support causes, or promote joyfulness, and those who host them well provide a great gift to humanity.”

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