One appealing feature of Whatsapp, which even those who hate this messaging app from Facebook will admit, is the ability to chat with family and friends without being interrupted by noisy, nosy apps.

Unlike other free social media apps, such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, subscribers of Whatsapp, which is also free to download, do not see any ads popping up to disturb their conversations or newsfeeds.

But this advertisement free chat experience for its reportedly billion plus subscribers worldwide will change come 2020. In an announcement last week, the Facebook-owned company said it would end its era of ad-free chats from next year and begin offering advertisements on the app.

From next year, the advertisements will start to pop up on the ‘Status’ section of Whatsapp and will be similar to how the paid content is shown through Instagram Stories.

Reports of Whatsapp planning to launch ads on its ‘Status’ section first emerged in October of last year. Confirmation of this report came at a presentation given by representatives of the world’s leading messaging tool last week. The presentation showed how the ads would look in the ‘Status’ section, which is where users post their images, videos, texts or animated GIFs that disappear after a 24-hour period.

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