The instant communication application “WhatsApp” has begun testing a new feature that has been used for a long time in social networks.

The technical website “WabetaInfo”, which follows the news of “WhatsApp” first, stated that the application launched the message feature installed in the “beta” trial version, reports Al-Rai daily.

The new service allows users to find important messages in chats and in the event that a user installs a specific message in a chat with another user or within a group, and the other user is using an old version of the application, he will not see the pinned message, and instead a message will appear telling him that “someone has installed a message here. Please update WhatsApp.

The new service helps to improve organization in groups, in which it is difficult to track messages, especially those with a large number of subscribers.

Pinned messages can be, such as an important alert to group members, that the administrators want it to remain for a long time, so that it does not disappear under the mountain of accumulated messages from users. The new service will be implemented in the new update of the application.

It is noteworthy that the pinned message service has existed for a long time in the competing instant communication application “Telegram”, and it is also an essential part of social networking platforms such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

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