Despite the Ministry of Health’s (Moh) warnings and the continuous calls to adhere to health requirements, social events including weddings are once again being organized, after the blessed month of Ramadan ended, especially after Eid al-Fitr coincided with the end of the partial curfew, Al Qabas reported.

During the past few days, wedding events increased in the country, after these occasions were somewhat restricted by health regulations. Some events adhered to health requirements by limiting attendees to family only, and the invitations were merely for notification and publicity. While other invitations were given directly to close friends, and others circulated invitations similarly to how it was done before the Coronavirus pandemic.
Sources in the catering and party organization revealed that they receive requests to set up buffets or to organize celebrations and events, especially weddings, at homes or in diwaniyas.

The sources pointed out the equipment and props needed are different for each person with some requesting enough for the families of the husband and wife only, while some wish to accommodate a large number of guests, reaching more than 150 people. It confirmed that the demand for event companies and organizers increased after Eid Al Fitr.

Coincidently, people seem more comfortable accepting invitations to attend events, especially after reports of an increase in the number of vaccinations in the country, and the decrease in coronavirus infections compared to before the month of Ramadan. However, some hosts are asking the invitees if they are vaccinated or not. It seems that normal life has started to return again, with people eager to resume being social and celebrating important milestones in their lives.

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