The Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi during a campaign to shut down violating basements in investment areas said, in a press statement that in cooperation with the Public Fire Force, a number of violating basements in the Salmiya area, have been ordered to close down activity.

A local Arabic daily quoting Eng Al-Manfouhi said workers in the specialized control teams were given strict instructions on the necessity of adhering to the application of laws, regulations and law, especially those related to maintaining safety.

People’s lives, he said, are more important than the violating storage that takes place in some investment buildings whose basements designated car parks have been converted into warehouses.

Al-Manfouhi added that the municipality and the public fire force noticed the presence of large numbers of investment real estate owners who rented their basements for commercial activities in violation of the building law as well as the requirements of firefighting, especially turning them into warehouses where flammable and dangerous materials are stored, saying so far, the 22 real estate owners have been ordered to vacate the garages in their buildings, and made to sign a pledge not to rent them in future and to return them to their previous status as car parks or according to the system in force in the municipality.

Eng Al-Manfouhi revealed that 184 violating sites have been monitored so far, and there are 6 teams currently working to clear the violating basements in the investment areas, and “we will take legal and administrative measures against these violators,” explaining that there are measures that will be taken in cooperation between the municipality and the fire brigade against those who do not respond to the warning.

Al-Manfouhi stressed that this campaign will continue until the basements of the violating investment areas are cleared, “and therefore we will not exempt anyone and will not tolerate violation of the law and we will implement the directives of His Highness the Prime Minister “to go down to the street, inspect the conditions on the ground and facilitate procedures.”

Al-Manfouhi revealed that the next stage will be to remove infringements and abuses in the remote areas, and “we will resort to cooperating with the Ministry of Interior and the Environment Public Authority, in order to implement strict penalties for transgressors and according to the regulations of each party.”

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