The head of the Pediatric Emergency Unit at Al-Adan Hospital, Dr. Marzouq Al-Azmi, has called for keeping schools open, and continuing education for students, saying all what is needed is strict application of precautionary measures and a less number of students in each class instead of going back to distance learning.

Al-Azmi confirmed in a statement to Al-Anba the return to studying “online” will have severe, negative and psychological impact on students, especially children, as the closure will be disastrous for them, and this has been confirmed by many studies.

Dr. Al-Azmi pointed out international organizations, including “UNICEF”, has warned against closing schools because of the impact it will have on children, calling it “disastrous.” These organizations have stressed that if anything should be closed, the schools must be the last place.

Dr. Al-Azmi pointed out that the mutant ‘Omicron’, according to studies, is considered less severe and less dangerous for children in terms of the possibility of hospitalization or complications.

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