Director of the Precious Metals Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Saad Al-Saidi confirmed that the ministry did not prevent the sale of the ‘cross’ because it is a religious symbol for Christians, whether they are Kuwaitis or others living in the country, reports Al-Jarida daily.

He indicated that the sale of the replica of the cross is permitted and enters the country in a legal way and is examined by the administration for collection of fees and to stamp it with the administration seal.

Al-Saidi told the daily the ministry did confiscate one of the precious pieces of the Buddha statue, “because it does not belong to our beliefs or any of the heavenly religions,” noting that Commerce Ministry forbids the sale of anything that promotes homosexuality and satanic artefacts, including some gold works that are prohibited to be sold in Kuwait.

He stated that the ministry had previously seized some symbols of sects whose beliefs are false and represents some kind of mockery of the heavenly religions.

He stressed the law prohibits the circulation of any precious gold coins or any precious metal or anthropomorphic bearing an allusion in contempt of any of the three monotheistic religions.

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