Informed sources from the Ministry of Electricity and Water pointed out that the high rate in water consumption per capita in the beginning of the month that caused the reduction in water production was due to the country experiencing high weather temperatures and dust storms, apart from network losses.

Despite the seasonal shortage exceeding 35 million gallons in early August, which was compensated from the strategic stockpile, production is currently outperforming consumption while heading towards the end of the peak season.

Sources indicated that the balancing or outperformance of the water production with consumption, even by a small difference, is determined by factors such as the efficacy of distillation units, as well as, simmering down of extreme weather conditions. It was also noted that the strategic stock used in summer will be covered in the winter season as water consumption slows down, while stressing the importance of rationing and minimizing water wastage.

On the other hand, security teams were tasked to proceed in monitoring water wastage, as well as, electricity network encroachment, and issued warnings against suspected offenders who are proven to be exploiting the country’s most valuable resources.

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