Director of the Juvenile Welfare Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Dr Jassem Al-Kandari, confirmed that violence against women is one of the most serious negative issues that threaten the security and entity of the family and society.

This came during a symposium held Monday in the Community Development Hall, under the title “The Arab Declaration for the Elimination of All Forms of Violence against Women and Girls.”

Al-Kandari said the ministry has paid great attention to the issue of combating violence against women and girls, and has provided fully equipped special shelters for them in the juvenile care, family custody, and elderly care departments and has provided them with all the needs and services required to rehabilitate them and help them integrate into society as a result of their exposure to violence.

 He went on to say, work is in progress to establish a database on cases of violence and work to empower women and girls and rehabilitate them socially, psychologically, educationally and technically.

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