The new draft regulation of public cleanliness and waste transport law, which was referred by Municipal Council President Abdullah Al-Mahri to the Council’s Legal and Financial Committee, call for up to 500 dinars.

A local Arabic daily said anyone who violates the law by cleaning carpets or upholstery in the open areas overlooking main streets, or spreads clothes on balconies or any other thing overlooking the public roads and open will automatically be considered a violator of the cleanliness law.

According to the daily the draft law has been referred by the Acting Director of Kuwait Municipality, Eng. Nadia Al-Shraideh to the presidency of the Council, where one of the most prominent was “restricting the acceptance of conciliation to violating acts whose prescribed fine is no less than 500 dinars.”

The seventh article of the regulation also prohibits making barbecues on sidewalks, streets, open areas, public squares, public facilities, public parks, waterfronts, and state-owned lands, provided that the Municipality director issues a decision specifying the places where barbecue is allowed, and whoever violates this order shall be punished with a fine of no less than 2000 dinars and not more than 5,000 dinars.

Article 4 prohibits cleaning carpets and upholstery overlooking the streets, and spreading clothes or any other things on balconies overlooking and public squares and roads with the intention of drying or ventilating them or for any other purpose. This violation carries a fine of between 100 and 500 dinars.

The ninth article prohibits the owners of neglected and damaged vehicles, marine boats, mobile prefabricated chalets and homes from leaving them in the streets, on sidewalks, and in open areas and public squares, and requires the relevant authorities in the Municipality to warn their owners to remove them within 48 hours.

In the event of a violation, the Municipality has the right to seize it and sell it after 3 months from the date of seizure if the owners fail to recover it and pay its dues.

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