A quaint Italian cafe that distinguishes itself by showcasing a unique facet of Italy while providing fantastic service.

Start off your meal with Soups such as the Tortellini in Brodo or the Spicy Tomato before relishing their main dishes such as Scallops with raspberry sauce and parmegiano crust or the selections of pasta that stand out like Marco’s pasta, which is garnished with cherry tomatoes, garlic, herbs and olives and topped with creamy cheese. The Orrcchio Di Elefante is an apt choice for quintessential Italian cuisine.

The Focaccia Sandwiches are well presented such as the Margherita that consists of their famous focaccia bun stuffed with fresh mozarella, pomodoro sauce and basil. Other great options are the Smoked Turkey sandwich or the delectable Carpaccio with Arugula and Parmesan, and you can order extra Truffle sauce for the added flavor. Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone sandwich has several pieces of smoked salmon nestled in dill and mascarpone cheese, which make for another tasty snack.  Salads are also another viable choice like the Beetroot salad.

Putting their own spin on pizzas, you have a pizza topped with Zaatar Olives and Tomato, a healthy choice. Or, savor Alice’s Nutella Rasberry and Hazelnut, which will surely sooth your sweet tooth.

Popular dish: Alice’s Nutella Rasberry and Hazelnut
Location: At Mezzanine B8 Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq, Kuwait. Call: 555 20134

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