An eatery with a substantial menu the offers the best of Egyptian cuisine, Beit Shoukri provides breakfast options such as Shakshouka, Shoukri Tray and Oriental Sausages, The Mishaltet section provides the right combination of tastes whether you want it simple like the Meshaltet Plain pie with butter or rich and crunchy like the Meshaltet with chocolate and nuts.

Also amazing are the cold appetizers with mild flavors like the Motabal, Bessara and Lentil and hot appetizers that feature Alexandria liver, Messaka’ah and Kobeba. For authentic Egyptian main dishes, try out Chicken Molokhiya Tajin, Lamb Shank and Meat Golash, which offer a tangle of flavors. Finally, spring for the first-rate desserts like Kunafa, Basboosa, Mohalabieh and Om Ali that functions as a sort of exuberant end to your meal.

Popular dish: Koshari
Location: Arabian Gulf St, Abu Hulaifa, Al ‘Āşimah. Call: 22062071

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