Looking to satisfy your appetite for Lebanese fare with a touch of fusion?  Jneinetna will fulfill your urges. This spot’s menu features a wide range of options, encompassing cold mezza, hot mezza, oven snacks, grills and tabliyeh wrap style. Those interested in a lighter fare can choose from the Cold Mezza including Baba Ghanouj, and Hommos while the hot mezza includes Potato Harra and Makanik. Get piping hot oven food such as Lahme Bel Ajine.

For the grilled options, enjoy the Grilled Chicken Wings, Taouk, and Chicken Mussakhan which are very crave-worthy, as is the Mixed Grills, including Chef Mix Grill and Jnaynetna Mix Grill, which are marinated in great flavors. They will taste good especially with accompaniments like Skewers Grilled Vegetables.

The Wraps also show huge potential with amazing selections such as Sojuk Sandwich, The Special Taouk Wrap, The Classic Kafta Wrap and The Classic Taouk Wrap, with the meats carefully prepared with seasonings and veggies. But the starring offerings on the menu is the Tabliyeh Wrap Style featuring the Tabliyeh Authentic Tikka Wrap and Tabliyeh Classic Kafta Wrap, which makes for a wholesome lunch.

Popular dish: Chicken Mussakhan

Location:  At Marina Walk, gulf road, Salmiya

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