By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

The Embassy of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in cooperation with Vietravel Holidays held
Wednesday night at the Regency Hotel was a huge success and received positive response from local travel agencies and invited guests to the occasion. Vietnamese Ambassador Ngo Toan Thang and Chairman of The Board – CEO of Vietravel Holidays Tran Doan The Duy spearheaded the remarkable event to host three hundred attendees compose of the member so the diplomatic community and invited guests.

The Vietravel Holidays hosted a brief orientation to local travel agencies and introduced its company to travel agents present during the event. Later attendees were requested to join invited guests. The occasion commenced with a welcome remark from the CEO of Vietravel followed by brief message from the Vietnamese envoy. Eight models took center stage featured exclusive designs from fashion designer Tu Ngan An, renowned for her classic designs of “Ao Dai”, woman’s traditional apparel of Vietnam.


The models second appearance showcased ensembles striking solid colors and highlighted by pearls from Vietnam seas and jewelries exclusively designed for the occasion. “The dresses were intricately designed and detailed to perfection; the body-hugging form dashed in striking red colors simply displays Vietnamese women’s pride of their country’s fashion heritage.

Two Master Chefs from Vietnam; Tran Ngoc Nghia and Le Hong Chien stage live cooking stations and featured “Xeo” Pancake with Shrimp and Beef noodle soup. Chef Tran Ngoc Nghia introduced to diners Banh Xeo, a dish imbued with Vietnam’s wet rice farming culture. The cake is made from rice flour combined with shrimp meat and green vegetables to create a dish that is nutritious and fresh. Chef Tran Ngoc Nghia is a culinary instructor, a professional chef of Dong Nai, continuously won the Gold Medal at the Festival of delicacies. In 2013, she won the Bronze Medal of the Talented Chef Competition; National Second Prize of the Golden Spoon Contest; The 2015 Talented Chefs Best Chef trophy. She had also participated in promoting Vietnamese cuisine to France, Germany, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand etc.

Chef Hong Chien introduced the “Bun Bo Hue” dish, a rich culinary culture of Hue in central Vietnam. Bun Bo Hue is one of the specialties of Hue. Currently, beef noodle soup is popularly used in Vietnam’s provinces and cities and countries where Vietnamese people live. Mud beef dish is the main ingredient. beef or beef fillet. The broth of beef vermicelli is simmered from beef bones. Seasoning a is a personal choice between Hue fish sauce or grilled sugar cane and then wash the incision when added to the broth along with purple lemongrass to create a faint aroma. Bun Bo Hue is served with vegetables as follows: Herbs, Salad, banana flower, bean sprouts, cilantro, and spicy chili sate. Chef Le Hong Chien is currently the Chief Chef of Mid-Town Hue Hotel in Hue.

One of he highlights of the event was the musical presentation staged by three musicians from Vietnam. Artists were Do Hoang Nam with drum, rock, and percussion instruments, Ngo Thi Phung Nguyen with quartet, cup, beat and Nguyen Thi Thuy Quyen with musical instruments dan Tranh, dan bau, vibrato.

The group displayed classic and traditional music paired with a bit more contemporary using the customary musical instruments. The team received applause from the crowd after each song played during the event.


The event ended with the much-awaited raffle draws which included three major prizes; First Prize was Ninh Thuan Travel Combo with three nights stay at 5-star Amanoi Resort plus Round-trip air tickets for two, Second Prize was Phu Quoc Travel Combo with three nights stay at five-star hotel JW Marriott Resort and round-trip tickets for two and Third Prize Da Nang Travel Combo with two nights stay at 5- star Furama Resort with round-trip tickets for two. Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador of Tajikistan Dr. Zabidullah Zabidov was also requested by the Vietnamese Envoy to draw the major prize. Traditional
Vietnamese coffee was available during the occasion. Vietnamese Ambassador thanked everyone for attending the event and gracing the occasion. Chefs, musicians, fashion designer were especially flown from Vietnam for the occasion.

The event was hosted by Journalist of The Times Kuwait and GMA 7 News Correspondent in Kuwait, Ricky Laxa.

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